Behind the Scenes: Lunar New Year Festival

January 25, 2011

In preparation for all the fun crafts, activities and performances we have planned for the Lunar New Year Festival, one of our favorites will be for the kids (and the adults of course) to decorate a large paper-mache rabbit since this is the year of the Rabbit. We turned to our favorite party store in Pasadena – Vanny’s, to construct for us a life size rabbit-shaped piñata. They had previously done the same for our Ganesha festival with a wonderful Ganesha that the kids decorated with flowers, beads and paint. Below is a before all-cardboard image of our Rabbit, and an after image where we spray painted him in gold. Notice the little while bunny tail left to be decorated by the kids with little cotton balls!


Behind the Scenes Peek!

January 19, 2011

Our Curatorial/Collections staff along with their volunteers have been conducting an inventory of the entire museum collection. This means pulling out every single box from every single shelf and inspecting each and every item inside. Not only is it a chance to check on the item’s condition, but also to make sure it is properly labeled and stored, in the place where it is supposed to be.

With 14,000 items already accounted for, staff from other departments are chipping in for the final push. Given the diversity of our collection, it’s always an adventure. A recent day’s work had staff inspecting Japanese marionettes, Chinese paper dolls, a Balinese mask, a small Buddhist shrine and a well-loved toy oxcart (with ox!)

After the physical effort is done; it is time to review the findings, and update the Collections Database records as needed.