New Member Night

New Member Night was a blast! Our auditorium was full with our newest members mingling over wine and cheese as Membership Manager Chelsea Mason gave an overview of all the fun things PAM is planning for the year. Upcoming events like Fusion Fridays and an Appraisal Day and exhibitions like the upcoming Visions of the Orient had them excited to put their new membership to good use—they’ll get in free to it all! To top off the evening, Assistant Curator Bridget Bray gave a tour of PAM’s Himalayan gallery.

We have many treasures in there, including our wooden sculpture of the Buddhist deity Amitabha seated with his consort, which we recently discovered to have a scroll and other small items encased in his back. Many sculptures of deities and revered teachers are carved or cast so that they have a hollow cavity in their interior which can be filled with sacred materials.

New Member Night has been a new experiment for us that we’re happy to be continuing! We plan to hold these twice a year to give our newest members a little background on our history and a sneak peek at things to come. If you’re not a member yet, you can always join at our website to be invited to the next New Member Night. With our full 2011 exhibition and events schedule, you won’t want to miss out on free admission and members-only events! ~CM


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