Lunar New Year Festival Recap

Our Lunar New Year Festival was an absolute success!  Over 4,000 people turned out to celebrate – and what a party!  Almost instantly we had a line down the street as people took their turn on sponsor Wells Fargo’s prize wheel and stopped to get their Pacific Asia Museum balloon. 


Soon the lion dance pulled people into the tent, however, and from then on it was nonstop.  Crowd favorites were the lion dance, or course, but also the magical face changing, rabbit and magician, and the difficult to describe but even more difficult to believe bowl kicking. Let’s just say most people could barely stay balanced on a unicycle taller than themselves, much less flip multiple bowls from their feet onto their head while riding a unicycle. 

The food and craft vendors were busy all day, and sponsor Wells Fargo were particularly popular with their free coloring books, Hands-On Banking financial literacy program, and super cute rabbit banks for new accounts. 

Inside the galleries, China Modern enjoyed record crowds in its final days before going on tour around the country and the dress up clothes in our Silk Road exhibition got quite a work out.  The crafts were also very well received; people created lovely calligraphic banners and new years badges, tried their hand at paper cutting and folding, and decorated our lovely gold rabbit very thoroughly.  (Given away as a prize item in our event survey drawing, we were pleased to learn that he ended up in a local Mandarin Dual Immersion Kindergarten classroom!)

Thanks again to Wells Fargo for supporting the Festival, and a Happy Year of the Rabbit to everyone!


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