Introducing the Getty Interns

June 30, 2011

Pacific Asia Museum has been lucky to have two Getty interns for the past several years to learn more about our curatorial and collections departments. This year, Emily and Kelley have been hard at work helping us prepare for the many exhibitions we have slated for the rest of the year! We sat down with them to see how they’re doing so far.

PAM: So what’s your background?

E: I’m about to be a third-year at UCLA studying Art History with a possible minor in Anthropology.

K: I also was at UCLA. I just graduated a couple days ago, and my major was in Art History. I want to specialize in modern and contemporary South Asian Art, so this whole year will be dedicated to studying for the GRE and researching schools. And I’m definitely coming back after this internship, in any way I can!

PAM: What have you been working on so far?

K: In the curatorial department, we’ve been working on the database, modifying and editing the exhibition list [for 40 Years of Building the Pacific Asia Museum Collection], physically taking the objects into the exhibition space, and doing a lot of research for the labels– that’s been one of the most interesting things. I’ve especially enjoyed learning about Chinese foot binding and netsuke. I want to start my own netsuke collection– they’re such amazing little pieces and they’re all so different and creative.

E: I mostly help [our Registrar] Annie inventory and get things ready to be shipped, and today we’re doing condition reporting. I’m also working on the upcoming exhibition, pulling out the objects that will be in the show from basement storage.  What I really enjoy about this internship is that I’m not focused just on collections management. Kelley and I have both gotten to see both sides.

K: Our first day was actually inventory condition reporting, getting into storage and pulling out objects. I went home the first day thinking to myself “this is just awesome!” because it was so hands-on. When Bridget [our Curator] said in our interviews they were going to treat us like staff, she really meant it.

PAM: Why were you interested in coming to Pacific Asia Museum for your Getty internship?

E: What the museum stands for really drew me in. I come from a background where there wasn’t much ethnic diversity, so the chance to work with objects from the Pacific Asian region was really interesting to me. Also, there’s a Korean exhibition coming up that really drew me in.

K: I had visited here a few times and actually wrote papers on the museum itself. Beyond the Page and China Modern just blew me away– they’re both about specific fields that I’m so interested in. I attended a lecture at UCLA with Hammad Nasar [guest curator of Beyond the Page] and he talked all about the show and I went to see it the next day. There’s just not a lot of museums that cater to contemporary, non-Western art, and that’s why I really wanted to be here.

Emily and Kelley will be with us through mid-August, and we feel so lucky to have them! Their hard work will be on display on July 8 when 40 Years of Building the Pacific Asia Museum Collection opens. ~CM


Film Shoot at Fusion Friday!

June 23, 2011

Filming at Fusion Friday!

You may have noticed the huge camera around at Fusion Friday– it wasn’t part of the entertainment, but part of the fantastic Engage program we’re in at the LA County Arts Commission! This program is helping us ramp up our social media presence (obligatory Facebook and Twitter links) and has already given us some fantastic ideas that you’ll see more of over the next few months.

Dragon DanceThis particular project was amazingly fun– our friends at OPM Comedy wrote a script for a short video about a first date at PAM, and actors Ewan and Ceri played the happy couple (thanks to our fabulous extras too!). While we shot most of the video before Fusion Friday began, they ended their “date” enjoying a dragon dance and taiko drums along with the rest of us.

Enjoying the Orientation Gallery

We’ll keep you posted on how the film is coming along– it will eventually be up on YouTube, and watch our Facebook and Twitter pages for details! In the meantime, get ready for another fantastic Fusion Friday on July 15. It’s a Mad Green Tea Party with a chance to paint your own teacup and more of OPM Comedy with plenty of surprises!  ~CM

Photos by JD Narro.