Film Shoot at Fusion Friday!

Filming at Fusion Friday!

You may have noticed the huge camera around at Fusion Friday– it wasn’t part of the entertainment, but part of the fantastic Engage program we’re in at the LA County Arts Commission! This program is helping us ramp up our social media presence (obligatory Facebook and Twitter links) and has already given us some fantastic ideas that you’ll see more of over the next few months.

Dragon DanceThis particular project was amazingly fun– our friends at OPM Comedy wrote a script for a short video about a first date at PAM, and actors Ewan and Ceri played the happy couple (thanks to our fabulous extras too!). While we shot most of the video before Fusion Friday began, they ended their “date” enjoying a dragon dance and taiko drums along with the rest of us.

Enjoying the Orientation Gallery

We’ll keep you posted on how the film is coming along– it will eventually be up on YouTube, and watch our Facebook and Twitter pages for details! In the meantime, get ready for another fantastic Fusion Friday on July 15. It’s a Mad Green Tea Party with a chance to paint your own teacup and more of OPM Comedy with plenty of surprises!¬† ~CM

Photos by JD Narro.


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