Our First Art and Coffee

Our inaugural Art and Coffee afternoon was a hit! We had a great group mingling over free coffee and pastries from our partners at Starbucks (thanks guys!), and Assistant Curator Yeonsoo gave a fascinating talk on one of her favorite pieces in our exhibition 40 Years of Building the PAM Collection.

Click to enlarge

Yeonsoo highlighted Landscape After Snowfall, a late Ming Chinese landscape painting that serves as a good introduction of eastern painting traditions– here, preference is given to evoking the essence of the landscape over true naturalism. This piece was painted on silk, a traditionally unforgiving material, and shows the skill of an artist who can afford no mistakes that would ruin the expensive material. It was also painted during the years when the Manchu invasion of China was imminent, leading Yeonsoo to hypothesize that this piece could be the result of the artist wistfully remembering a more peaceful time. She also discussed how such paintings were often created among friends, who would write poetry inspired by the image onto the work itself.

Art and Coffee is a new series we’ve started to celebrate this 40th Anniversary show and give our visitors and members a deeper understanding of the pieces we have on display. We’ll be continuing the series monthly through October 7, when the show closes. After that, who knows? We may just bring it back for the next exhibition, 46 North Los Robles. Stay tuned!

Want to come to the next Art and Coffee? Reserve your spot on Eventbrite!


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