Going Mad at Fusion Friday

Little-known fact: teapot balancing involves fire.Teapots and rabbits and tea leaves, oh my! Our members and visitors had quite the experience at our second-to-last Fusion Friday last week, a Mad Green Tea Party. With help from our friends at OPM Comedy, Bana Tea Company, and Xiem Clay Center, we had a lot going on. We even had a special treat for those following us on Facebook.

Artists-in-the-making working on teacupsRoving performers from OPM included Genghis Khan, a mysterious White Rabbit, Siamese twins, and a tea leaf reader. After having a little fun with our teapot balancer, they mingled with the crowd. Others were busy upstairs, where Linda Louie of Bana Tea Company gave a tea tasting and Xiem Clay Center held a paint-your-own-teacup extravaganza, with plenty of blue and white ceramic examples for inspiration. And there were some serious artists at work! More pics are on Flickr.

There’s only one more Fusion Friday to go (tickets are going fast! Get them here) and we’ll be doing it Island Style. But don’t worry– our Active Cultures series is right around the corner. There’s always something going on around here!


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