Changes Coming to the Galleries!

If you’ve been here recently, you’ve probably noticed this sign between the Chinese and Japanese galleries:

We’re excited to open a new Korean Gallery in October, and the Curatorial and Collections departments are hard at work renovating the new space (keep checking back here for sneak peeks!). This is part of a multi-year plan that will renovate and reinstall many of our permanent galleries. But what happened to the Chinese ceramics for trade that used to occupy that gallery?

This summer, we have two wonderful interns as part of the Getty Multicultural Undergraduate Internship program (we love having these interns!). One of them, Christian from Reed College, is hard at work ensuring that these deinstalled ceramics are carefully packed for storage. After spending his very first day here removing the objects from the gallery in preparation for the renovation, Christian is now learning how to protect the ceramics and other objects from damage by wrapping them in acid-free paper and creating custom-cut foam supports that will keep them safe from air, moisture and even earthquakes. He’s working closely with collections assistant Cesar to assess their condition and pack them carefully into special boxes.

After the objects are packed, the boxes are labeled with their accession numbers and pictures so they can be easily found when it’s time to put them back on view, and stored in our newly upgraded storage facilities. With 15,000 objects in our collection, it’s important to stay organized with careful record-keeping and periodic inventories, which we’ve written about before. These upgrades and renovations have been generously funded by the Korea Foundation, the Pasadena Community Foundation, the National Endowment for the Arts, and the Korean Cultural Heritage Administration, IMLS, Mike and Sookie Garrison, and Eunhak Bae and Robert Kwak. We’re excited to share more about our progress as we move closer to the opening of the Korean Gallery this fall! ~CM


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