Coming to a Close: Marking Transitions

Our exhibition Marking Transitions: Ceremonial Art in Indonesia closes March 24– less than two weeks from today! You won’t want to miss this exhibition of textiles, knives, a headdress and other ceremonial objects that are common to Indonesian rites and ceremonies. Here’s what we’ve previously written about this exhibition so you can learn more about these objects before visiting a final time.

Indonesian BronzesIndonesian Bronzes at Art and Coffee
These bronzes offer a look into Buddhist life and traditions in Indonesia. Before Islam was introduced to the archipelago in the 13th century, Buddhism was a major part of life in the region. Today, Buddhism remains one of the six official religions of the country, and several ancient Buddhist structures serve as reminders of its heritage.


 tampanIndonesian Ceremonial Textiles
Several beautiful and expertly woven textiles in the exhibition highlight this rich tradition in Indonesia. From the tampan heirloom cloth to the tapis ceremonial skirt, these textiles demonstrate the incredible dyeing and weaving practices that have been central to traditional rites for centuries.


This weekend, we have a great opportunity to see this exhibition before it closes– on Sunday, March 17, we’re hosting a Free Family Festival celebrating the arts and cultures of Indonesia. You can see a Balinese shadow puppet show complete with gamelan accompaniment, traditional dances, a batik demonstration, crafts, food and more. A full schedule of the day is available on our website. Best of all, the event is free and open to the public, including the galleries! ~CM




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