More Contemporary Art to Come

This is the final week of our contemporary Japanese exhibition Takashi Tomo-okaWhile we’re sad to see this amazing exhibition leave, we’re excited to continue showing contemporary art in the same gallery through the rest of the year. Here’s what’s coming up:

Tree #1 by Myoung Ho LeeConstructed Visions: New Media from Korea
August 23 – November 24, 2013
This exhibition introduces four contemporary Korean artists who construct striking examinations of their environments, both urban and rural, using the seemingly infinite possibilities of digital media such as video and photography. For example, in Atta Kim’s photographs, busy cities such as New York and Paris become eerie ghost towns as rows of cars and crowds disappear due to extended exposure times, sometimes up to eight hours. While Kim captures known locations modified by time, Minkyung Lee intentionally creates a new reality in her images. She ‘builds’ her own spaces in miniature and then captures them with the camera; some are then subjected to further manipulation, thereby creating layers of constructions for the viewer to unpack.  Junebum Park’s videos capture mundane moments in busy cityscapes such as pedestrian and automotive traffic, or the passing of weather over a building, but deliver an uncanny sense of omniscient observation through the insertion of a figure at a super-human scale. In his Tree series, Myoung Ho Lee questions the concepts of reality, experience and representation by forcing the viewer to look at trees in their natural surroundings, isolated by artificial backgrounds and lighting.

Ralli quiltRalli Quilts: Contemporary Textiles from Pakistan
December 20, 2013 – March. 2, 2014
Ralli Quilts: Contemporary Textiles from Pakistan features quilts made by women in the areas of Sindh, Pakistan, western India, and surrounding areas. This exhibition helps expand the conception of ‘contemporary art’ by looking at their form, color and pattern rather than solely how they are made, what they are for and the meaning of each color and pattern. The book Ralli Quilts: Traditional Textiles from Pakistan and India by Patricia Ormsby Stoddard, Ph.D. will be available in the Museum Store during the exhibition’s run.

These exhibitions are generously supported by the Pasadena Art Alliance and the Los Angeles County Arts Commission, Toyota Financial Services, and Mike and Sookie Garrison. Make sure to check back here as we post in-depth about these exhibitions in the coming months! ~CM


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